How to Add Music to Floop

Floop takes digital sheet music and turns it into gameplay. For this guide, we'll use a program called MuseScore because it's free and it works great. You can download MuseScore here.

You can write your own music, or download music by others. MuseScore also has a ton of free sheet music here.

MuseScore didn't pay me to say this, I swear. It's just really cool software, and an awesome resource.

Once you've got the sheet music open in MuseScore, the rest is simple. Just go to the File menu, and choose Export...

Choose the "put_music_here" folder of your Floop directory as the destination. The file type should be MusicXML File (*.xml)

That's it! If everything worked correctly, your new music will now show up on the song list in Floop.

Sheet Music Guidelines

Sheet music is written for all kinds of instruments. Some of it works better in Floop. Here's what to look for.

Floop music should have one note at a time. This means no chords, no multi-instrument parts, no multiple staffs.

Sheet music should work great automatically if written for woodwind instruments like flute, clarinet, saxophone; for brass instruments like trumpet, trombone; or for voice.

With a little bit of adjustment, you can adapt other music to work too. Even if you don't know a lot about composition, give it a shot! You might come up with something you like.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out on Twitter.