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SideQuest is a massively-multiplayer adventure game played within a live stream. Like a tabletop RPG, SideQuest follows a daring band of could-be heroes in fantastic and unquiet lands. Players team-up or compete to overcome obstacles, while enjoying their standard live stream entertainment.

What Makes It Unique?

SideQuest is more than a “Twitch Plays…” gamified channel. SideQuest co-exists with traditional live streams -- it runs alongside whatever other content the broadcaster chooses to present. Its game art occupies a narrow band of the broadcast visuals, a strip along the bottom of the screen. Chat commands are carefully measured, encouraging all levels of player participation, while accommodating natural conversation and communication.

How Do You Play?

You can play SideQuest on the web, on mobile devices, on consoles -- any platform with the streaming app. As soon as you enter the channel, your character appears on-screen. Each player's actions determine their individual experience and character growth. Additionally, every action influences the outcome of the overall course of events, and thus the story of SideQuest. Follow to play, to watch the development, chat, ask questions, or just hang out!

What’s In It?

SideQuest features sprawling, hand-drawn 2D landscapes, charming character art, and a multitude of equipment and upgrades. For the game administrator, a secret control panel provides commands and tools to improvise narrative events, and to manage the course of gameplay. The administrator can also appoint viewers as guest GM to lead the story via chat controls. Even SideQuest's storyteller Trusty Bard can steer the party through a collection of pre-scripted events and quest lines, authored in a light, readily-extensible and customizable library.

Art and Images

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Why SideQuest?

Games and live-streaming go together like food pairings and analogies. When I started broadcasting, I wanted to enhance the experience with another dimension of interactivity and engagement. I set out to create a fully-integrated game experience, leveraging every facet of the technology, and playing to the strengths of the platform.

What Are “Events”?

The core gameplay of SideQuest presents unpredictable challenges and opportunities from a set of varied and scalable archetypes. Events represent critical junctures for players to make important decisions, or wild precarious circumstances which hinge on the strategy and coordination of the group. Events can bring great success, utter tragedy, or unexpected twists in the fate of our adventuring party. Each event can be played with several adventurers, or with thousands.

Who Is Trusty Bard?

Don’t call him a “bot” -- Trusty Bard narrates the story of SideQuest, and generally attends to the affairs of the group. Whether unwrapping the outcome of a tangled encounter, or setting the stage for the next gambit, he always tells the truth. You can also play SideQuest on Twitter by following @Trusty_Bard.

About Me

Hello, my name is Benjamin Red. My background is in software programming. For six years I worked at a major studio developing AAA titles. Now I am making a new portfolio of independent projects, properly unconventional, and always good fun.





(860) 850 0123

Thank you for checking out the project. That covers the basics. For a live demonstration, please visit during broadcast hours, or contact me directly to schedule a showing.